Robin Lloyd’s early years were spent on the island of St. Croix where his father owned and ran a dairy farm and the island’s only milk plant. After an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and securing a fellowship from the International Affairs Program, he worked in local television news for several years as an on-air reporter for the NBC affiliate in Seattle and then later for the CBS affiliate in Miami, covering the sensational murder trial of Ted Bundy.

In 1979, he began reporting for NBC News in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Florida. In 1980, he became NBC’s frontline Latin American correspondent based in Mexico City. During his 14-year tenure with NBC as a correspondent, he covered the guerrilla wars in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, the exodus of refugees from Mariel, Cuba, the US-backed Contra War on the Nicaraguan-Honduran border as well as the Falklands War in Argentina. Lloyd was the only foreign television correspondent to cover the Argentine military occupation of the Falklands before the British forces arrived. He also did reporting on the last years of the military dictatorships throughout South America from Brazil to Argentina to Pinochet’s regime in Chile.

 In the Reagan years, he was reassigned to Washington D.C. where he covered the State Department as well as the White House. In 1988, he was named NBC’s African correspondent where he was based in Johannesburg and covered the turmoil surrounding the last years of South Africa’s apartheid regime as well as the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. He also did reports on the wars in Angola and Mozambique, the independence of Namibia, and the unrest and protests in Israel. He was sent by the network to provide coverage of the first Gulf War in 1990, reporting for three months from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and occupied Iraq.

After NBC closed its African bureau in Johannesburg in 1992, he was brought back to Washington where he was named one of NBC’s National Correspondents. During that time, he covered the Bush Administration and Secretary of State Baker’s historic shuttle diplomacy mission in the Middle East when Baker succeeded in getting a peace process underway.

In 1994, he left NBC to begin a new career direction, creating and producing news programs with foreign networks in Washington D.C., among them Mexico’s Televisa Network and a eight year long syndicated business and political commentary program for TV Tokyo done from the United States. Starting in the year 2000, he began writing and producing longer news segments, and documentaries, primarily for the syndicated program Hispanics Today and for Maryland Public Television.

Over the years, he has won numerous awards, including an Overseas Press Award, and four Emmy’s from the National Capital Chesapeake Bay region for documentaries done for Maryland Public Television. As an aside, he has written travel articles for many publications, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Boston Globe, the New York Times and the Washington Post as well as numerous boating magazines including Classic Boat in London and Cruising World.

Rough Passage to London is his debut book.



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