Harbor of Spies is an historical novel set in Havana in 1863 during the American Civil War, when the Spanish colonial city was alive with intrigue and war related espionage. The protagonist - a young American ship captain named Everett Townsend - is pulled into the war, not as a Naval officer, as he had once hoped, but as the captain of a blockade-running schooner. The rescue of a man outside Havana harbor sets in motion a plot where Townsend finds himself trapped by circumstances beyond his control. He soon realizes how this good deed has put his own life in danger, entangling him in a sensitive murder investigation.


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“The perfect mix of the magics...a page-turning excursion through dangers and delights...”

—Jim Lehrer, journalist and novelist

“Lloyd’s second novel, after Rough Passage to London, is a swashbuckling spy adventure set in 1863 Havana, Cuba….the real draw is Lloyd’s excellent historical detail...”

—Publishers Weekly


Robin Lloyd, Author,


Robin Lloyd is a journalist and a novelist. He is the author of Rough Passage to London: A Sea Captain’s Tale. Lloyd has been involved in television journalism for more than forty years, working on camera as both a news reporter on the local and national level as well as a producer and writer off camera. A veteran correspondent for NBC News for nearly fifteen years, he filed reports from more than thirty countries, mostly in Latin America and Africa.

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